5 of the most famous amusement parks in the world

The first Disneyland was opened on July 17 1955 in Anaheim (USA, California). This fabulous place was the embodiment of old dreams of Walt Disney, the Creator and inspirer of Disneyland – the Park recreates the world of favorite fairy tales and cartoons, the place in which it would be interesting for both children and adults. The Park is divided into 8 ‘countries’ (thematic areas), at the entrance to each of which the visitor with his head immersed in a themed environment, oblivious to the existence of another reality.

Later, in 1983, opened Disneyland in Tokyo, advantageously complemented by a theme Park Tokyo DisneySea.

1992 marked the Foundation of the largest in Europe amusement Park of Walt Disney in the suburbs of Paris. Here there are two theme parks: open to the delight of visitors in 1992, the Disneyland Park and Disney Olot Park Studio, which appeared 10 years later. Noteworthy entertainment, the Disney village, consisting of Nightclubs, discos, boutiques and restaurants.

The smallest and also the youngest of the disney theme parks was opened in 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland.

It is noteworthy that although this Park was created on the basis of based on American cartoons, no Chinese flavor did not come. For example, in Chinese singing Alice in Wonderland, and cafes and restaurants offer mostly katiskaniementie meals. Besides the Park itself was created in the best traditions of instantly Shui.

In addition to the world-famous Disneyland, where from childhood dreams to get to almost every child and adult is unlikely to refuse to go to the fairy tale, there are other equally impressive amusement parks. The most famous of them include the following:

1. WaltDisneyWorld is the largest amusement Park of the existing. Yes, and not without Walt Disney, who in 1971 created and opened for visitors not just a Park, but a real fairytale city with four themed entertainment zones and two water. On-site cities located in the Florin on a truly gigantic square in 121,7 km2, there are 33 hotels, five Golf courses, and countless restaurants.

2. Port Aventura is located in Salou (Spain) near Barcelona. Considered one of the most visited places among all the available in Europe entertainment. Built in 1995 and consists of 6 themed areas, 40 rides, a water Park Aventura universal studios, four hotels, etc. the Park surrounds located in the center of a large lake.

3. Mirabilandia is one of the largest parks in Europe. Set between the cities of Ravenna and Rimini (Italy). This country entertainment consists of 37 of the most modern rides, special attention, among which visitors pay a roller coaster. Why them? The answer is simple: in 2009, there was launched a unique roller coaster, which accelerates to 120 km/h in just 2 seconds. Such figures can not boast of any one state of the art car, they’re just incredible. In addition, you can visit the circus, 3D cinema, various shows and performances. At night, guests are entertained with colorful fireworks and laser show.

4. Legoland was built in 1968 next to the LEGO factory in the town of Billund (Denmark). To create this unique Park took 45 million branded LEGO. Given that this designer has gained fame a long time ago and even earned the title of legendary, the Park is interesting not only for children but also for adults who once were children too.

Legoland is divided into several thematic areas depending on the age group of the children. For example, designed for the little ones Duplo Land. The Park has a whole country of blocks LEGO Minelandia. In this amazing place even at home is completely identical to the real buildings, the streets “roam” toy men “go” at least toy cars.

5. Amusement Park the Efteling opened in 1952 in the Netherlands. I want to stay here forever, to stretch his stay among the familiar and beloved fairy tales, to stay longer next to favorite characters. To visit the world of the Arabian nights, to ride on each of the many water rides, to see sleeping beauty, the fakir, the king of the dwarves one day is not enough. The most important attraction of the Park is the garden and flower plantation.

In the world there are many very interesting, unique, fascinating and famous places, among which especially revered by children and adults amusement parks. Do not stint, take your child at least once in one of them this “adventure” the kid will remember for a lifetime and it will then tell even your grandchildren. Make every effort to ensure that Your child’s childhood was happy, bright, full of impressions, and he will grow up a decent person, which may open another couple of amusement parks, which then get in rating of the most famous in the world.

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