5 of the most unusual extreme rides in the world

For some, rest exclusively associated with full relaksasi and calm vremyapreprovozhdeniya under palm trees, others, on the contrary, do not like to sit still and seek during the holidays to raise the adrenaline level to the maximum level, challenge yourself and your nervous system strength. We have collected the most interesting attractions in the world for travelers who love to tickle their nerves.

Tower stratosphere, USA

U.S. tourists go for entertainment in Las Vegas: countless casinos, Nightclubs, restaurants, cabarets and other entertainment venues are located here at every step. But for fans of extreme sports, the Americans have prepared something special: if you are not averse to tickle your nerves, then go to the tower “stratosphere”. On the first floor of the building expected located casino, followed by 2444 a hotel room, but the fun is waiting for tourists at the top.

First, in the “Stratosphere” is equipped with the highest observation deck in the United States, and secondly, the spire of the tower is a place where you can experience several extreme rides. The Big Shot is the highest interesting attraction of the world – a chair mounted on a platform around the spire of the tower rises to 329 meters, and then fall sharply. And then rise again. Speed of the catapult is 7 km/h. Insanity the Ride is the carousel hovering over the abyss with a height of 300 meters and is rotating at high speed. Chair when it cant so wishing to experience this interesting attraction in action literally hang on the belt face down. And the third attraction of the Stratosphere X Scream – trailer, moving along the rails at breakneck speed. But not so simple – at the crucial moment the car flies out of the roof, hovering over the city at an altitude of 285 metres.

The tallest waterslide in the world Brazil

It would seem that the water Park is a great family entertainment option. But Fortaleza Beach Park in Brazil is not just a Park: here is the world’s highest water slide Insano. It was built in 1989, but this record has not yet had a chance to beat anyone. Tourists are a descent from the height of 41 meters (the height of a 15 storey building) at speeds over 100 km/h. While most of the “trails” are located practically vertically. Everything happens very quickly – about 5 seconds you are in the water. Serious limitations to participate in the attraction there. If you don’t have cardiovascular disease, you are pregnant, have reached a certain age and your height more than 140 cm – welcome! If you dare, of course.

Wild Wadi Water Park, UAE

The scenic water Park Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai where, where, as in this city know a lot about entertainment and know how to surprise! This is Paradise for lovers of water fun between the famous hotel-sail Burj Al Arab and the equally famous and plush hotel-Jumeirah Beach Hotel wave, so it can safely be called a water Park with the best view. The water Park is 30 slides and other interesting attractions for visitors of all ages, including one of the world’s highest water slides, simulating the descent of the mountain river, 18-foot waterfall and two cars to create waves for surfing. In General, without business you won’t leave. And if some attractions are ideal for family holidays, to dare to go to others, one must have extraordinary courage.

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