Amusement Park and entertainment Divo Ostrov.

Just two metro stops from DILL hostel, the metro station “Krestovsky island”, is one of the biggest amusement parks and entertainment of St. Petersburg – Divo Ostrov.

Near the Gulf of Finland, near the exit of the metro station “Krestovsky island”. surrounded by rivers and canals of the historic Park complex, is this magnificent country of entertainment and amusement for children and adults. Quite large and well-kept area, divided into thematic areas, decorated in different styles, in a warm time of year – surrounded by flowers and greenery with handmade squirrels and rare birds, this place offers a pleasant stroll and relax from the city bustle. In the Park there is a small lake where you can ride on boats and catamarans.

The most important advantage in the Park are, of course, rides. By its technical facilities they are not inferior to the leading European and American amusement parks, and the pearl of this collection are a few Hyper – extreme rides that are in the TOP 10 best rides in the world.

Most popular extreme attraction, according to a survey of visitors to an amusement Park, is a “Booster”.The height of the structure, together with the platform of 50.05 m and height 48 m. Those who happen to visit this attraction, needs to be prepared for the fact that the blades of the booster, which secured their seats will rotate with incredible speed – 9 rpm all okruzhayushaya reality, to become one and it will be impossible to distinguish where the land where the sky, everything will flash before your eyes to dizziness.

Your chair will begin to live their separate lives – randomly circling and swaying, which would give an extreme atmosphere even sharper tone. This test, of course for the strong spirit of people, each who have conquered the most extreme attraction – pride. Restrictions: visitors are not allowed below 1.4 m and above of 2.08 m. tall.

The network continues the thrilling rides of this series – ride “Storm”. Then everyone will be able to get your heart pumping and feel like a passenger boat during a storm.

I have the feeling that a huge wave with the high speed lifts you up, so that breath, and when you scroll down, this is unusual as it will still be with you. When buying tickets for this entertainment should know that there are limitations and people who are shorter of 1.45 cm are not allowed.

Third place, according to visitors of the amusement Park, is the attraction “Catapult”, fun for thrill-seekers with experience, who knew no fear and ready for any unexpected turns. It resembles the flight of a Cannonball into space, when in 4 seconds you take off on 75 meters and on the height of the 20th floor. At a rate of about 19 m/sec. capsule sweeps upwards and on the highest point begins to rotate around its axis. As the people sitting in it, of course, is reminiscent of a large space, so as to add that you can also present the cosmic acceleration due to the acceleration! To describe the condition during the flight impossible, so like everyone else, usually completely different experience.

This is not the entire list of extreme entertainment, if you are a thrill seeker, then

time to go to the Divo Ostrov!

The Park is ready to present and network classic, loved by all the family theme: multiple tracks, a Ferris wheel, carousel, chain, etc. For children built a city of entertainment, with several playgrounds, a bright and exciting rides, fun with clowns, contests and educational games. For safety the whole area is covered with a special soft rubber coating, where you can play and not be afraid to get dirty or to abrasion. Indoor entertainment complex and interactive attraction “Star wars” with a light – sukumawiki effects will delight children and fans of science fiction.

The rides are divided into children’s cost from 50 – 130 rubles, family – value 120 – 180 roubles

extreme – 450 rubles.

The amusement Park is a unique concert venue under the open sky, where held a variety of events: celebrate the New year and Sunny Shrove Tuesday, the day of St. Tatiana and the mysterious Halloween.

Musical idols of children and adults is a frequent guest at venues to open air concerts.

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Amusement Park and entertainment Divo Ostrov.
Just two metro stops from DILL hostel, the metro station "Krestovsky island", is one of the biggest amusement parks and entertainment of St. Petersburg - Divo Ostrov. Near the Gulf…

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