Amusement Park “Asterix”

Amusement Park “Asterix” near Paris is not booming all over the world, like Disneyland, and the size it is inferior to the same closed from November until April. However, the thrill and the quiet family man with young children will find entertainment to taste. Many of those that were in the “Asterix” once, come here again and insist that it is better than Disneyland.

The name “Asterix” – native to the French and it is clear to residents of most European countries. Asterix and Obelix, the indomitable Gauls resisting Roman occupation – the main characters of the French comic books that appeared in the sixties of the XX century. Comics have been translated into more than 100 languages and dialects (including Latin and Esperanto), their motives are a large number of films (last in 2014), Board and video games. Even the first French satellite, launched in 1965, was of this proud name. In General, any self-respecting Frenchman, despising everything foreign, should prefer Park Asterix Disneyland (which they actually do).

If a tourist is in the hands not holding the comic book or watched a movie about Asterix – not a problem, it will not prevent him to have fun in the Park. To scream on a roller coaster, do not need knowledge about the Gauls and the Romans. And then a scream. Theme only 32, but no! What is one “Goudurix” uncompromising bare rails,without frills and decorations, which carriages fall from a height of 36 meters and make seven loops in the air, turning people upside down. A “Thunder of Zeus” with dual spirals, and “Osiris”, where brave souls travelling at the speed of 90 kilometers per hour, and a waterslide “Express “Menhir”, after which sometimes you have to dry clothes!

Rides are these names for a reason – the Park, covering 33 hectares, divided into five thematic sections: “Ancient Greece”, “Egypt”, “Roman Empire,” “Vikings,” “time Travel”, “Welcome to Gaul”. Each area is decorated accordingly, and everywhere is not only thrilling, but peaceful rides for kids: the carousel, travelling by boat, by train, by plane, by car.

In every sector you can enjoy a variety of shows: dancing dolphins and California sea lions in the pool, “Poseidon”, performances of stuntmen in the role of Roman legionaries, effectively delivered a mini-play about the attempt to steal the Mona Lisa or the work of artisans to “medieval Paris square.” Tourists need only note that all shows are, of course, are in French.

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