Amusement Park “Asterix”

Amusement Park “Asterix” opens its arms not only for fans of the adventures of the famous Gauls Asterix and Obelix, but for everyone. The opening of the Park took place in 1989, and since that time it pleased and delighted millions of visitors from around the world.

Is “Asterix” in a wonderful location among the lakes and hills, surrounded by a beautiful Park. On-site you can find not only plenty of rides, but also many other entertaining places: the Gallic village, the Dolphinarium, theater “Panoramix”, many shops and restaurants with a very interesting and unexpected interiors. Even girls that playing games for girls online. already familiar with all the decoration of rooms, then the rapture will appreciate the amazing atmosphere of these institutions.

For fans of extreme rest ideal following rides. “Thunder Of Zeus” . imagine a roller coaster ride of enormous proportions and with breakneck speed on it. The flights and a sudden fall accompanied by thunder from the lips of Zeus himself. “Goudurix” . also is a kind of roller coaster on which you are rushing in all directions. And, flying through huge loops and rings on the surface of the lake, the impression that a little bit more and you’ll fly! “Spies Of Caesar.” feel like a warrior on the side of a treacherous Caesar sent for deviceinformation on the Gallic village! Located at an altitude of five meters, it is necessary to examine all the surrounding territory and to remember important information. This attraction is more like a spy game for boys. but despite this, the girls will also be interested to participate in the exciting intelligence operations. “Oxygenium” . the young fashionista, not wanting to spoil your outfit, this attraction to do exactly nothing. In an inflatable boat in the company of five other brave men you have to make the descent from water slide with a height of four meters! And then nobody will be able to get away with it!

Those who do not want to make a dizzying descents and drop, suitable for more relaxed forms of entertainment. For example, attraction “Epidemais” – the journey on the river along the Gallic village, whose inhabitants will be there to meet you with great hospitality and fun. There are numerous fun games for girls and boys a very young age: the carousel, walk on the rotating boat journey through the forest of the Druids, a American racing and even attraction called “Parents not allowed!” .

Great impression on the guests of the Park produced numerous performances on the streets and in theatres. Every day at 12.30 in the Gallic village and the party begins, in which a single dance swirl, Gauls and Romans, acrobats and animal trainers, artisans and sorcerers! Equally stunning show can be seen in the theatre of Poseidon: dolphins and sea lions will show miracles of choreography and understanding with the person.

Amusement Park “Asterix” is a lot of amazing rides, shows and entertainment that you will remember for a very long time!

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