Amusement Park Dream World

Advantages: Colourful, beautifully designed amusement Park with various rides for different ages.

Disadvantages: had to buy a suitcase)

Today I want to tell you about the Asian Disneyland Park Dream World (dream World), which is located in the vicinity of Bangkok in Thailand. Dream World is an amusement Park, the fabulous world of amusement and joy. Thais love everything.

Dignity: a Memorable place.

Disadvantages: No Russian cuisine.

If you are in Thailand, then you should definitely visit this place. It is located near Bankova. The Park is huge, we got there somewhere hours at 10am, we didn’t have enough time to 16hours.

Advantages: a beautiful Park, a delight of children and adults.

Disadvantages: Personally, we didn’t have 4 hours

It so happened that during our stay in Bangkok one of the girls our great company was the birthday. The girl turned 8, and we decided to make the birthday girl and all the kids (and adults).

Advantages: Lots of rides and entertainment for any age group.The beautiful decoration of the Park.

Disadvantages: Expensive, little cafes and cool places to stay.

In June 2013 we visited this beautiful Park in the capital of Thailand – Bangkok. I advise you to come as we are, to the opening of the Park. Closer to lunch in the Park a lot of people. This is especially true.

Advantages: All very nice!

Disadvantages: a Little time!

In this review I want to tell you about the amusement Park Dream World (Dream World), which is located in Bangkok. Many call it Thai Disneyland, but in my opinion, is greatly exaggerated. Disneyland is, after all, is huge.

Advantages: fun ,fun, pretty, inexpensive

Disadvantages: the long road

Hello! If you are reading this review because you’re going to Thailand on vacation and pick up the tour, then great! I advise you to definitely visit the Park, dream world. At least the road to it is very very long.

Advantages: Everything is great.

Disadvantages: Far from Bangkok.

There’s even an adult becomes a child. Almost immediately after the entrance in a fairy tale. Every corner, every bench, this is something unusual, adapting well-known characters. There are rides for all ages, ranging from slow.

Advantages: Stunning Park

Weaknesses: no, just some pros

A sea of emotions I got just beyond. Before to visit this Park, I thought it was only for children, but everything changed as soon as I went inside. All the bright.

Advantages: everything is super! for adults and children

Asked our guide to bring together the local amusement Park. The first thing that I liked – you buy a ticket for 600 baht (600 rubles) and ride any attraction (except 3 – are associated with 3D technology as they were for the add.

Advantages: Incredibly beautiful Park!

In 2013 in the month of February my husband went for a pre-honeymoon in the country of Thailand. The flight was certainly not easy, but it was worth it. Beautiful country with interesting traditions and customs. I would.

Advantages: Large. A lot of fun.

Disadvantages: How can there be cons? There are none. And not worth looking for.

This is a wonderful, magical place for children and adults. You come back and in a fairy tale. Big. A beautiful and original design. Many entertainment attractions for children and adults. Inside the Park there are fast food places. Yes, the food.

Advantages: Good landscape

Disadvantages: some slides were not working.

Hello! I want to share with You my impressions about the trip to the amusement Park, Dream World (Thailand, Bangkok) (year of visit 2012). I went to Thailand in February 2012. To begin with, in November and December.

Advantages: Beautiful, bright can be a lot where pofotkatsya. Cool rides.

Loved the Park it’s so big and beautiful as if we were in a fairy tale, all is bright. If you eat on vacation in Thailand with children be sure to visit this Park. According to the theme. we walked in.

Disadvantages: there is time flies.

Hello! I want to tell you about how we visited the dream world (Dream World) amusement Park. Of course it is very big and is far away from Pattaya. We were with the kids at 2.5 years, the way they moved.

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