Amusement Park Port Aventura

In the amusement Park in the Spanish resort of Costa Dorada in 2016, will open a new attraction. In its design, which includes the hotel Ferrari 250 seats, will invest over 100 million euros. The complex will be called Ferrari Land and spread over an area of 75000 square meters.

This will be the second attraction in the world, named after the famous brand of the car. First appeared in 2010 in Abu Dhabi (UAE) Yas island, where competitions are held at the Grand Prix of Formula 1. It is built on an area of 250 000 sq m, today in this complex you can see 20 different rides. One of them, Formula Rossa, the car accelerates from 0 to 100 km in 2 seconds and a top speed of 240 km per hour.

Port Aventura is the second largest amusement Park in Europe and the largest in the Mediterranean. The entertainment complex includes an amusement Park on a total area of 105 hectares, oriented on a family vacation, and four 4 star hotel for 2000 guests. It is very visited because it is located in the popular resort area of the Spanish coast. For the year, about 4 million tourists visit the Park, which has 39 rides, over 100 daily shows, 48 cafes and restaurants and 31 shops offering authentic Souvenirs from different regions of the world. In the Park esspecially children’s area where a special train that pulls its passengers with the highest point in Europe. Recently, the “Port Aventura” was twice awarded as the best amusement Park in Europe.

In the “Port Aventura” already working unique technology and rides. Such is Europe’s highest pleasure train (76 m) “Shambala”, which in addition is the fastest (134 km / h), has a slope at the first drop of 86 degrees. Its height is equivalent to a 25-storey building. Another very impressive attraction in the Park is the “Dragon Han”, built in 1995. It’s a train speeding along a track with a length of 1,285 metres at a speed of 110 kilometers per hour. For an hour, he transports 1680.

Park “Port Aventura” annually opens the new attraction. News 2014 was entertainment inspired by the Cambodian temple of Angkor Wat and Asian jungle. “Angkor: adventure in the lost Kingdom” very exciting entertainment that creates a sense of journey in the background very convincingly recreated Asian landscapes and ancient architecture of Cambodia. Visitors walk through a mysterious localities, see emerging from the water snakes hiding in the caves of tigers, monkeys living in ancient temples, and more. At the end of this expedition they can look at the performance of “Mysteries of Angkor”.

Last summer, tourists in “Port Aventura” showed their art, the artists of the world-famous Cirque Du Soleil, and in the area of Polynesia showed a new film Submarine Odissey 4D, which allows the viewer to feel part of the crew of the Submarine Ulysses and see the unique underwater scenery.

Another new product for the 2014 season was the presence of Wi-Fi throughout the Park, which will make Port Aventura, European resort with the best access to Wi-Fi.

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