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ENEA will build a theme Park

In the ENEA will build a theme Park, reports news Agency “Interfax”. “Now this issue is still in the study, so it is unclear who will be the operator of the Park area, — told reporters the General Director of the exhibition Ekaterina pronicheva.

The victims of the attack in Pakistan on Sunday, 27 March 2016, were 72 people, more than 300 were injured. Responsibility for the blast at the amusement Park in Lahore claimed by the Taliban. The attack in Pakistan 27.03.2016 claimed the lives of 72 people, more than 300 were injured.

The tickets arrived in onlineradio on the night of 28 March, the cost was $95. Their price varies from 370 yuan ($57) on ordinary days to 499 yuan in the days of peak load.

Just a few weeks before the Grand opening of the amusement Park Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando,Universal Studios raised the price of tickets by 20%, reports Fox News. As explained by the manual that this step is dictated by the policies of other entertainment centers.

Tickets at Shanghai Disneyland on June 16, 2016 opening day of the theme Park was sold out for a few hours, reports Bloomberg. As reported, the tickets went on sale at 0:01 on 28 March, the price started from $95.

Today begins selling its tickets Disneyland, located in Shanghai. Experts of the section “news China” magazine for business people “market leader” found out about it from news Agency “Xinhua”.

The head of Department of property of Moscow Vladimir Yefimov announced the construction of a new amusement Park in the capital.

Shanghai Disneyland will start selling entrance tickets Mar 28 at 0:01. First in China and sixth in the world theme Park famous American Walt Disney company officially opened on 16 June.

The city administration appeals to the law which does not require the procedure of public hearings during the construction of “temporary” facilities, which is the Ferris wheel business news in Kirov and Kirov region on March 27. A public hearing regarding the installation of a Ferris Wheel will not be held.

The largest in Thailand water Park “Ramayana” S = 184 000 m. This area is equal to 700 tennis courts, 50 exciting water rides, Water from underground wells, a World standard of quality and safety. The long-awaited water Park will be open, as the organizers, in mid-April 2016.

Shanghai Disneyland will start the first entrance tickets Mar 28 at 0:01, reported in the administration of the amusement Park, write News Economy. The cost of tickets into the main part of the Park on ordinary days, 370 yuan (about $57), the peak days for 499 yuan ($76).

In Britain, a little girl jumped on the trampoline, after which it was blown away by the wind and she died. The tragedy occurred in the city Park of the British town of Harlow. In the British town of Harlow in the city Park of entertainments the tragedy occurred. Little girl blown away by the wind while jumping on the trampoline. Leisure → Circuses, parks → amusement Parks, attractions | world → Europe → United Kingdom

In addition, at the request of pensioners to vacation spot will appear in the tables for playing chess under a canopy.Central Park of culture and recreation will open the summer season with a new family attraction and children’s Playground.

Mother of many children once again visited Disneyland, this time in the company of his daughter. Growing up Claudia and Christina Aguilera decided to meet the girl with the famous amusement Park and entertainment.

In China opens “Disneyland”, and the sale of tickets will start him on 28 March at 00:01, said today the Chinese news Agency Xinhua, citing information obtained from the administration of newly-made amusement Park

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