Authors Angry Birds will work for Russia

Finnish Corporation Rovio, the developer of computer games and the owner of the Angry Birds brand, announced expansion plans in the Russian market: during the year on the territory of our country must receive the Angry Birds theme parks, where people can buy branded products. About plans and prospects of the brand in Russia today said at a meeting with journalists Peter Vesterbacka (Peter Vesterbacka) – the Creator of the game about “angry birds” and marketing Director of Rovio.

Angry Birds officially launched on 11 December 2009. During its three-year history, it has been downloaded over a billion times – more than any other similar mediaproduct. Speed your development of Angry Birds are superior to brands such as Skype, Youtube, Twitter.

In addition, the gaming brand has high awareness, which is confirmed by opinion polls: according to research, Angry Birds, for example, is familiar to 94% of Chinese. As noted by Peter Vesterbacka . in Russia, the brand awareness is not so high, however, the Corporation plans to enter into the five of the most promising markets.

Over the next 12 months in Russia should appear AngryBirds theme parks. As the Creator of the game, official contracts with the Russian side yet, but plans to build more facilities. Be located in parks will be available for residents of the area, the concept involves more intimate way than, for example, “Disneyland”. Another important feature – they can develop not only physically, but intellectually.

Now, these institutions operate in Finland, the United Kingdom, also recently opened a Park in China. Mr. Vesterbacka said that his company is betting on Asia, Europe and Russia. The American market is not yet interesting for the Corporation.

Apart from the theme parks, Rovio is developing a “bird” brand and other entertainment areas: in the spring starts a cartoon series featuring the heroes of the game, and in 2016 on the world’s screens will be a feature film. The game is expanding its presence on various platforms: most recently, Angry Birds has been adapted for Blackberry 10, and now the developers are engaged .

In addition, the brand continues to develop in the direction of grocery in Russia started selling fizzy drink Angry Birds. According to Mikhail Nazarenko . development Director at MAIF, OOO (distributor and importer), now see the consumer interest in the drink. Plans – long-term cooperation “MAIF” and Rovio, as well as coverage of not only Russia but also the CIS countries.

To summarize, Vesterbacka presented data for 2011: only 70% of the profits the company received directly from the game Angry Birds. The remaining 30% of funds were received from non-gaming products. The company does not disclose data for 2012, however, experts of the Corporation believe that the end of last year again set a record for the brand.

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