Best amusement parks

Almost in every country there are amusement parks that offer for a little while to rewind back time and again to feel the child. Where do you go to get maximum pleasure?

Best amusement parks is your guide to the largest theme parks and themed parks in the world. Here you will learn all about the most popular amusement parks of their best rides and the most colorful show, and will also receive practical information about ticket prices, hours of operation, routes of travel, etc.

Every amusement Park does everything to surprise visitors, so between the two parks is a kind of competition – who has the bigger and faster the rollercoaster, anyone above the “leaning tower”, one of the more colorful late-night show? Yet the undisputed leader of the most popular is the Disneyland Park in America, the oldest and largest amusement Park in the world. More than 50 years it has grown into a huge complex on the territory of 200 hectares, comprising several parks and hotels. The main mouse world Mickey mouse is waiting for new friends!

On the European continent, the palm belongs to another amusement Park Disney – Disneyland Resort Paris. which is surprising in its scope. Two parks, combined into one complex, it is impossible to get around once,you need to come here for a few days. Immerse yourself in the magical world of cinema, admire the famous fireworks over the Sleeping Beauty castle will see an exciting stunt show, go on an adventure with Indiana Jones or pirates of the Caribbean.

The second place among European amusement parks have traditionally divided the Europe Park in Germany and PortAventura in Spain. Want to visit five different continents? And a ride on the famous roller coaster is terrifying “Dragon Khan” with a height of 45 m and a length of about 1 km? Then go to the Spanish Costa CARIBE aquatic Park. Yes, don’t forget to bring the swimsuits to have fun in the nearby water Park Caribe Aquatic Park.

Maybe you want to see 12 European countries in one day? Then you should go to the amusement Park Europa Park in Germany. Among the largest countries of Europe are represented and Russia look at us through the eyes of the Europeans, take a ride on the attraction “Lada Autodrom” or on a unique rollercoaster “Euro Mir”, named after a Russian space station.

Fun Italy invites all lovers of amusement in the North, because here are concentrated the major Italian amusement parks. A particularly attractive resort of Rimini – here are just three of the Park: fabulous Fiabilandia. incredibly attractive to children; cognitive “Italy in miniature”. along with attractions from all the masterpieces of Italian architecture; and “water” Mirabilandia. where a lot of water slides, water Park, and you can even walk around in bathing suits.

Of course, the list goes on: there are so many amusement parks that delight left in the soul a sense of celebration. And you’ve already decided where to go to relax? If not yet, then read, compare and choose!

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