Best modern amusement parks in the world

Hearing or reading “amusement Park”, we immediately present a tremendous variety of parks with a carousel, rides, clowns, roller coaster, etc. But in the middle ages also was a kind of amusement parks. Summer swing in winter – ice slides, which during the carnivals and various fairs were established on the Central city squares. The oldest amusement Park “Bakken”, which still operates, was built near Copenhagen in 1583. According to legend, in the Royal Park, a little girl found a spring with healing water. Here flocked the people who wanted to be healed. Over time, entrepreneurs began to build around a spring Inns, various rides, booths, etc. This Park is now taking every year about two and a half million visitors. In this more than 150 variety of attractions.

In the world there are many different amusement parks, and visitors have the opportunity to ride the latest rides. Look at some world famous amusement parks.

• The Disneyland in Orlando (United States) . This giant Park covers an area of 11 thousand hectares. There are not only various attractions, but also popular marine parks, which attract both children and adults. In addition, there are small countries and kingdoms,for example, “Country pleasures”, “Magic Kingdom”, “Country fantasies”, “Country animals”, “the Country of the future” and others. Bored here do not have anyone, because you can find a variety of entertainment for children and adults of any age and for any taste.

• Disneyland Paris (France) . This Park occupies the area of more than 200 hectares (about 20% of the total area of the French capital). On-site Disneyland Paris is two theme parks, a hotel complex, which includes 7 hotels, camping, great Golf course, several lakes and pools, as well as village Disney village where there are cafes, restaurants, shops. Disneyland fairy-like and allows for each visitor, regardless of age, to plunge into the magical world of childhood. Every year this Park is visited twice more tourists than the Louvre or the Eiffel tower.

• Disneyland in Hong Kong (China) . The opening of the Park took place in 2005. It consists of three theme parks – “City of fantasy”, “animal Town” and “city of the future”. Each of them filled with fantastic characters, great rides, spectacular show. The creators of Hong Kong Disneyland sure every theme Park was built in accordance with the Chinese idea of happiness and harmony.

• Gardaland (Italy) . This Park is located on the shores of picturesque lake Garda. Gardaland opened in 1975 and occupies an area of over 50 hectares. Here installed more than forty of the most modern of the original rides that attract not only children but also adults. Every year in this Park there are all new state of the art rides, performed at a high technical level. Also, there are shops, cafes, restaurants, a large number of spectacular events.

• Tropical island (Germany) . This is the largest water Park in the world is located about sixty kilometers from Berlin. It is a giant hangar, the size correlated with the area of eight standard football fields. In this water Park the heat and in the cold season. In addition to a variety of water attractions, here grows a tropical forest consisting of 50 thousand different exotic trees, and you will be pleasantly surprised destinationy sandy beach, located on the simulated shoreline of the lagoon. From carefully hidden speakers you can hear the sounds of the rainforest.

• Port Aventura (Spain) . This Park is the second largest in Europe after Disneyland Paris. Port Aventura is one hour drive from Barelona and is very popular among tourists. The Park covers an area of approximately 115 hectares and is divided into five different themed areas, respective to five continents of our planet – the Wild West, the Mediterranean, Mexico, Polynesia, China. Traveling in all of these areas, you can visit all parts of the world. At midnight on the lake is a real wonder: a great show of fire, music, light and water. In this Park we can go on different rides, and relax by visiting one of the many theatres.

In addition to these, in all parts of the world there are wonderful amusement parks that give visitors the magic and fantastic memories. This Park is a virtual amusement Futuroscope and Parc Asterix in France, Park disni-Rando Japan and many other parks, beckoning to him and children and adults.

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