Disneyland Paris

Disneyland – the amusement Park and attractions in Paris. The company “Walt Disney” discovered this wonderful place in 1992 in the suburbs of the capital of France – Marne-La-Vallee. And now Disneyland Paris is one of the 5 Disneyland in the world .

On the extensive area of Disneyland Paris (almost 2000 acres) is the Park complex Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park (Walt Disney studios) that includes blocks with restaurants, boutiques, souvenir shops and entertainment clubs. Created excellent conditions for sports activities, there is even a school for the young Manchester United footballers.

How to get to Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland has its own railway station, so getting to the Park is easy: the capital of the country there are regular train connections. Line A4 high-speed train will take you to places in half an hour. Stop where you need to go, named after the town of Marne-la-Vallee. In the Park there are 7 upscale hotels.

Zoning Disneyland

Disneyland includes in its space five entertainment sectors, the Central part of which is the main symbol – the Grand pink Sleeping beauty castle.

Main street built in the style of good old American and reminiscent of the historical homeland of Walt Disney – the town of Marceline. The narrow gauge railway runs a train with a steam engine, on the pavement ride horse-drawn carriages and vintage cars.

Great place, designed for young guests. Here you can see fairy tale characters who came from childhood: Snow white, Pinocchio, Dumbo the elephant. Rides Disneyland Paris – a trip to the magical land flying with Peter pan, labyrinth of Alice, the cave with the fire-breathing dragon, will plunge into the atmosphere of magic.

The sector soaked adventurous romance! You will find yourself on the ruins of the ancient settlement together with Indiana Jones, will visit the colorful Oriental Bazaar with heroes of the cartoon “Aladdin”, will visit the ship of pirates and cave of the island. In restaurants, can eat delicious seafood and exotic fruits.

This area of the Park devoted to futuristic projects. You will see the mysterious world of the ocean from the submarine “Nautilus”, go to distant stars, take a trip back in time. There are many gaming shops, a cinema, a circus.

This place recreates the atmosphere of the Wild West. In the picturesque Forte you will meet the heroes of westerns, on a small boat or canoe to explore the lake. House cast and the roller coaster will test your self-control and courage. And the cowboy salons will offer you a delicious barbecue.

The Disney

The studios Park introduces young visitors with the mystery of making movies: you can watch the filming and to take part in the filming or in the creation of the cartoon, to see amazing special effects.

Parade in Disneyland Paris

Twice a day there are a Grand procession of fairy tale characters under the popular soundtracks from cartoons and movies, fairy tales. Sumptuous costumes, beautiful make-up of the parade creates a sense of magic. And in the evening, this massive event is sanctified by the bright torches, colored lights and flashes of fireworks. An unforgettable sight!

Opening hours and ticket price of Disneyland Paris

In July and August, when there is the largest influx of tourists, the Park receives visitors from 9.00. to 23.00. The remainder of the year from 10.00. to 22.00. You need to keep in mind: during the holidays, working time changes.

Ticket price in Disneyland Paris

Tickets to the garden are divided into two categories – adult and children (over 12 years). For kids under the age of three visit the Park for free!

The cheapest ticket for 1 day – introductory, it is possible to visit the Park or Studio Disneyland by choice. Cost: child ticket – 46.50€, adult – 54€.

Stay for 2 days will cost more, but you will be allowed to visit in the Park and in the Studio. Price children’s ticket – 95€, adult 107€.

There are tickets for 3 – 4 days. The cost respectively: 119 (138) and 139 (163) €.

According to the statistics of Disneyland Paris – popular tourist destination in Europe. Adults and little guests, tourists and business people, shoppers in France are days spent in this Wonderland, I think the most vivid and joyful in your life.

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