Germany, amusement parks

Is it possible to tour through Germany, and to visit most of the cities of the old world? The answer is Yes, it’s possible.

If You decide to go on a trip to Germany with the children, You just need to visit one of the most interesting parks in Germany – Europa Park.

To grasp the immensity, as we know, is impossible. And yet. In “EUROPA PARK Europa PARK” the whole of Europe can be circumvented in a day. This is the international Park in the world, which, moreover, is distinguished by an abundance of original ideas and a great style of their execution. He will undoubtedly become a jewel and highlight of any tour to Germany.

This will allow for a few hours will travel to all the cities of Europe to visit Italy, and Spain, and in England and in France. An incredible journey, can meet only a few hours, and will not be a barrier neither distance nor borders. The Park will give everyone who chose to visit during his stay in Germany. A lot of impressions, will help you to enjoy the history and culture of not only Germany but many other European countries. Besides, this is just a wonderful vacation in the Kingdom where everything is possible.

It is located in the South-West of Germany, where the borders of Germany, France and Switzerland.Once in this Park one can “visit” Austria, UK, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, Russia, France, Switzerland, Scandinavia, and Chocolate Land, the land of the Vikings and the Palace Park.

“EUROPA PARK, Europa PARK” begins with a typically German Boulevard, visitors can see the Euro-Maus with his girlfriend and elephant Euro-Fan. To look for a good start to make rail tour around Europe to tour the monorail train, which offers a good overview.

Near the German Boulevard romantic Palace Park: quiet, filled with a delightful floral aroma. Here is a castle defence – one of the oldest fortresses in Europe, built in 1442. In the Palace Park we should look closely to the old stumps; sometimes they turn into dwarves.

Countries in the “EUROPA PARK Europa PARK” is presented as their most typical and unexpected features.

In the Beautiful Italy is a Palazzo in Baroque style and the Venetian carnival; in Spain, the knights fighting with magic swords; in the Seventh heaven in France in the centre of a huge silver sphere, every hour starts Eurosat, carrying their passengers in rapid flight, when “the wind whistles, and the girlfriend screams” next – Kingdom of the Dinosaurs.

Only in the Europe Park there is a possibility at once to be in all these places, a chance not to be missed, so a trip here is in many tours in Germany.

New season – multimedia show in Switzerland, where among the incredible special effects there are such as Thunderstorm and Snow.

Russia in “EUROPA PARK Europa PARK” opens the GUM is called one of the stations of monorail. The main attraction, of course, a roller Coaster. Rolling with a 28-metre high by a huge mirrored towers, the passengers find themselves right in the center of the Russian countryside. Here Mickey mouse is dancing with the groom, the bells toll, ride the sled around the forest, playing in Grandma’s doll, bloom sunflowers, go guys jerkin, write icons, burn pots and blown glass fabulous flowers. By the way, in addition to ethnographic wonders of the Russian Countryside there is a model of space station “MIR”.

Our tourists will be very interesting to see the opinion which has developed about our country in Europe, this is another reason to include in your tour of Germany, visit Europa Park.

“EUROPA PARK, Europa PARK” occupies an area of 62 hectares, the Park 60 attractions and various show, guests of the Park service 1860 people, and for 1998 it was visited by 2 million 700 thousand visitors. Who one day in Europe a little, unable to stop for the night, another in the hotels “EL ANDALUZ” or “CASTILLO ALCAZAR”, located on the territory of the Park; then the tale will continue in the night. But here it is necessary to book in advance. In July of 2007. open another hotel category 4*, built in the style of a Portuguese monastery.

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