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Essays on Japanese kaleidoscope Japanese amusement parks In amusement parks can meet your favorite characters from the cartoons and comics, to abandon everyday life and to get rid of stress

In Japan there are one hundred and fifty amusement parks, each of which, starting from the oldest “Asakusa Hanayashiki” and up to a world record of Fuji-Q Highland has a unique, characteristic “twist”.

“Asakusa Hanayashiki”

The oldest Japanese amusement Park, founded in 1853, is located in the popular tourist district of Asakusa. Visiting Sensoji temple, many tourists do not deny yourself the pleasure to look at located a 5-minute walk Park “Hanayashiki”.

The view from the carousel Bee Tower for Sensoji temple and tower “Tokyo sky tree”

The highlight of the Park – old rides in retro style. A leader of popularity – which opened in 1953, a roller coaster, which ranked fifth in the world rankings the old metal theme. The symbol of the Park – the carousel Bee Tower that looks like a house of sweets, a ride where you can sit and enjoy the view from the height of 45 meters with views of the traditional streets of Asakusa and the new TV tower “Tokyo sky tree”. Entertainment is there for both adults and children, haunted house, adventure in a huge maze, the monthly wrestling tournament, as well as (upon request) – holiday in the company of geisha. the opportunity to feel brave ninja.

There is no bad weather?

Indoor malls are a great option for those who do not want to put their leisure time in dependence on weather conditions. The brainchild of SANRIO Puroland, the indoor Park provides the fans of the famous Hello Kitty and other characters the possibility of a comfortable and entertaining pastime among themed rides and shows, even if the walls of the Park’s raging Typhoon or is the stifling heat. In recent years, large shopping malls and malls began to organize in the neighborhood with indoor amusement parks. This allows visitors to effectively organize their leisure time, combining shopping, going to the movies and lunch at the restaurant attraction. The owners of parks are often the major producers of gaming consoles and computer software. Typical examples of parks of this kind – the JOY network of POLICE (Tokyo, Osaka, Okayama) company SEGA, as well as “NAMJA TOWN” (Tokyo, senior Ikebukuro) and the old “Hanayashiki” controlled by the company NAMCO.

The limitless possibilities of modern rides able to give people the experience of immersion in a virtual reality of popular computer games, three-dimensional images and advanced technology, the experience of participating in virtual races driving a real car and a fierce firefight with zombies and monsters.

Amusement Park can be detected even in such traditionally popular attractions like Tokyo tower, inside which visitors will find adventure in the company of characters from the popular anime One Piece (“snatch”). At the Tokyo Ikebukuro station, is Park J-World Tokyo , hospitably opens the gates for fans of the anime NARUTO and DRAGON BALL.

Top roller coasters steepness in Japanese

Japan is a Paradise for thrill-seekers. One gets the impression that the worst in the world attractions can be found in any corner of the country.

Located at the foot of Fuji mountain Park FUJI-Q HIGHLAND specializiruetsya on chilling roller coaster, the most popular being the four-dimensional attraction “Eejanaika”, registered in the Guinness Book of world records for this unique opportunity to make a 14-fold rotation around its axis. At that time, as the lack of support for the feet creates a wonderful feeling of soaring in space, and the body of the passenger is wound from side to side, his soul may enjoy the beauty seen during the “flight” of mount Fuji.

Japan is the world record for the length among the roller coasters – STEEL DRAGON 2000 in NAGASHIMA SPA LAND Park in the city of Kuwana Prefecture. Mie. Ventured on a journey across the “dragon” with a length of 2479 meters, passengers will have to endure the rapid fall from a height of 97 meters at an angle of 68 degrees in the bucket seat bumpers.

Leaders in the number of visitors are the parks of DISNEY LAND and DISNEY SEA. as well as being in Osaka Park UNIVERSAL STUDIO JAPAN.

Want to turn away from everyday life, to experience emotion and to get rid of stress? Welcome to Japanese theme parks!

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