Kids amusement parks in Europe

Despite the unexpected snow, the summer is on the doorstep and it’s time to think about holidays. If you decide to go to Europe with children, you should think about entertainment. The most vivid memories will stay with children after visits to the five largest parks in Europe, where children are waiting for an incredible show, awesome rides and favorite characters.

Near Paris on 2 thousand hectares has a children’s dream – Disneyland. Here children will see first hand Aladdin, Pinocchio, Peter pan and other cartoon characters. Here you can fight with pirates, to visit the hut of Snow white and the 7 dwarfs, ride in a hot air balloon and fly to the moon. For visitors of all ages are fascinating attractions.

Rides for younger children:

“Pirate coast”. Playground with areas for children 3-6 years and 7-9 years.

“Autopia”. Race cars.

For older children:

“Pirates of the Caribbean”.

“The haunted house.

“Honey, I shrunk the audience”.

“Snow white and the seven dwarfs”.

“The Journey Of Pinocchio”.

“Motor Action! Stunt show”.


“Indiana Jones and the Temple of Fear”. A roller coaster with a loop.

“Big Thunder mountain”.

“Space mountain: Mission 2”.

“Rock-and-roll roller coaster to the music of Aerosmith”

“The tower of terror in the Twilight zone”

“Gorki turtles Crash”.

The performances take place every day. On the main Avenue, a parade of Disney stars and fireworks. In the various thematic areas — musicals and shows featuring animated characters.

For adults — from 64€

For children — from 58€

Children up to 3 years — free of charge.

From Paris: by car take the A4, following the signs to “Parc Disney/Bailly-Romainvilliers”. Car Parking is free.

From the Airports: Shuttle bus VEA from the airports of Roissy/Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports (about an hour).

Commuter train RER (35 minutes) to the station Marne-la-Vallée / Chessy.

Near the famous Disneyland, Asterix park is located . A theme Park dedicated to the heroes of the history of the brave-Asterix and the Gallach Obeliksa. The Park comprises six thematic areas: “Egypt”, “Gallium”, “Greece”, “Rome”, “Vikings” and “time Travel”. Also on-site gift shops, cafes and hotels. The Park is open only in warm season — from April to September. All the complex 32 rides, including 10 roller coasters and 6 water slides.

Every day there are the following views:

“A parade of favorite characters”

“Sea Dolphin shows and sea lions”

“Ave Caesar. Show Roman legionaries”

“Stealing Mona Lisa”

For adults 38€

Children up to 3 years — free of charge.

Shuttle buses from the Louvre.

By car: 30 km North of Paris by motorway A1 towards Lille.

By train and bus from the airport Charles de Gaulle.

Also in the beautiful French theme Park “Futuroscope” is located in the city of Poitiers in the Vienne Department. Complex dedicated to the visual theme and will offer more than 20 attractions for the whole family and 8 of attractions for fans of extreme sports.

For adults — from 39€

For children — from 32€

Children up to 3 years — free of charge.

The Park has season tickets. Their price depends on the number of days spent in the Park areas and rides.

You can get there on foot – Park is a 13 minute walk from the train station Jaunay-Clan, Poitiers.

In Spain for children, a Park “PortAventura”. It is divided into 6 themed areas: Mediterranean, Polynesia, China, Mexico, Wild West, Sezamoaventura. All this splendor is located on the territory of 115 hectares.

Unforgettable experiences the kids will give about 60 rides. However, they have restrictions on height and age. For example, in the area of the Mediterranean you can ride on the rides only those children, whose height reached 1 meter 40 centimeters.

Mediterranean: The “Parade Sesame”, “Fiestaventura”

Wild West: “Wild wild West”, “Roxy’s Salon”

Mexico: “Temple of fire”

China: “bubble Show”, “We are the generation music”

Polynesia: “Aloha Tahiti”, “birds of Paradise”, “Garment Bora Bora”, “Sea Odyssey 4D”.

Stemwinder: “Flying with Stemwinder”.

Themed submission during the Christmas holidays and Halloween.

Adult — from 45€

For children — from 39€.

Children up to 3 years — free of charge.

You can get there: by train the AVE, Avant and Alvia from Madrid and Barcelona to the station of camp de Tarragona.

On the train Rodalies from Barcelona, Tortosa, Salou, Cambrils and Lleida.

On the bus from the airports of Barcelona and Reus (15 min).

-drive on the highway AP-7 up to Port Aventura.

In Italy, you can visit the entertainment district of “Mirabilandia” . It is located near Rimini. The Park has over 40 rides and attractions. Your children will be there to entertain the little Red riding hood, the Circus Mike and Otto, the parade of lion max. Also regularly held show “Parade of heroes”, “Good morning” and “School police”. In addition, younger visitors will be able to jump from a springboard with Peter pan.

Adult — 29,9€

For children from 22€.

Children up to 3 years — free of charge.

You can get there by train from the stations are Ravenna, Rimini and Cesena to Lido di Savio / Lido di Class. Further, visitors will find a Shuttle bus.

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