Kids amusement parks in Europe.

Planning a vacation with children, it is necessary to consider the wishes of younger family members. It is unlikely that the child will enjoy Hiking through the museums, or the daily splashing in the “paddling pool”. What I love most little restless? Of course, the various attractions – and the more ingenious the better! “Active mom” offers parents facing the choice of family tour, an overview of the 5 best theme parks in Europe. Go!

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is every child’s dream. And adult too! Children’s rides in the European Disneyland opened relatively recently – in 1992 – but for a short time, is very fond of the little visitors.

This children’s amusement Park consists of 5 thematic parts:

– main street USA, where you can meet the characters of Disney cartoons and to go by rail to Disneyland;

– the world of Peter pan Fantasyland, where visitors will meet with Pinocchio and snow white, as well as a visit to Sleeping beauty’s castle – here, like any girl;

– Frontierland, Wild West in miniature, land of the brave cowboys and desperate Indians, is a Paradise for every boy!

– Adventureland is a great place for adventure lovers, where guests can enjoy a visit to the home of Robinson Crusoe and river puteshestvie underground city;

– Discoveryland – the dream of the young researchers. At the time to be an Explorer of the deep sea or outer space – what could be more exciting?

In addition, the territory of each of the parts of Disneyland Paris are various rides for children, restaurants, food trucks, shops, and Hollywood accessories. Will not be bored!


Amusement parks for young architects – Legoland – located in three European countries. (England, Germany, Denmark). This is perfect for hanging out, if your child shows research and development ability. If your house is littered with designers and made of them houses, cars, people and animals – your child urgently needs to visit Legoland!

Children’s rides, Legoland is made in the style of LEGO – hence the name of this amusement Park. Entertainment – skating on LEGO attractions and the joint construction of castles and towns with an incredible amount of LEGO cubes. It will be interesting for both children and adults!

Children’s amusement Park Port Aventura

By itself, the rest in Spain is one solid entertainment. And the theme Park Port Aventura is one of the most popular entertainment centres in the world. The main idea of the Park – the division of the territory into “continents”. Here you and your children will have the unique opportunity to visit different continents and countries, with their unique atmosphere. Polynesia, the Mediterranean, China, Mexico and the Wild West are waiting for you in Port Aventura.

Captures the spirit of rides for kids and adults: swimming, Canoeing, and the famous Furious Baco at a speed of 235 km/h and several thrilling roller coasters. Add to that a warm sun, sea air and water treatment – and get the proper rest, good for the soul and body.

Park Mini Italy

A kind of Park-Museum in Italy is a mini-copy of the Peninsula. You can, comfortably ensconced in the carriage of the excursion train to witness the largest city in Italy with the most famous architectural monuments – all this, remember, in miniature. This Park is good for kids who are fond of geography and history, young panatela the world.

However, this is not only a Museum – in Mini Italy, there are also children’s rides. Younger guests are also waiting for the inhabitants of the aquarium, terrarium and farm.


This Park, located in Germany, similar to the previous one, and is also a representative of the series of parks thumbnails. Here are all of Europe, from which you can explore in just a day.

Europa-Park is divided into zones. Every city has its own distinctive characteristics: the monuments, objects of national culture and other attractions. Cognitive impact on a child in this Park it is difficult to overestimate – after a visit to the Europa-Park it is sure to become a connoisseur of European culture!

But this place is not for wimps and nerds! Europa-Park is also an amusement Park, hot, varied and most importantly – themed! In Russia – “Russian hills”, Greece – water attraction “Poseidon”, in Switzerland – downhill “Swiss bobsled” in Scandinavia – extreme rafting…

Kids amusement parks in Europe is a real treat for the whole family. Visit each of them will forever remain in the memory of the children and their parents.

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