Japanese amusement parks

Essays on Japanese kaleidoscope Japanese amusement parks In amusement parks can meet your favorite characters from the cartoons and comics, to abandon everyday life and to get rid of stress

In Japan there are one hundred and fifty amusement parks, each of which, starting from the oldest “Asakusa Hanayashiki” and up to a world record of Fuji-Q Highland has a unique, characteristic “twist”.

“Asakusa Hanayashiki”

The oldest Japanese amusement Park, founded in 1853, is located in the popular tourist district of Asakusa. Visiting Sensoji temple, many tourists do not deny yourself the pleasure to look at located a 5-minute walk Park “Hanayashiki”.

The view from the carousel Bee Tower for Sensoji temple and tower “Tokyo sky tree”

The highlight of the Park – old rides in retro style. A leader of popularity – which opened in 1953, a roller coaster, which ranked fifth in the world rankings the old metal theme. The symbol of the Park – the carousel Bee Tower that looks like a house of sweets, a ride where you can sit and enjoy the view from the height of 45 meters with views of the traditional streets of Asakusa and the new TV tower “Tokyo sky tree”. Continue reading

The giant Swing in Bangkok (Thailand)

The giant Swing (Thai Sao Ching Cha) is a construct of religious purpose in the district of Phra Nakhon in Bangkok. Swings are located at the front of another temple, Wat Suthat. Previously they were part of bremenskih ceremonies, but are today used exclusively as a tourist attraction.

Swing was built in 1784 by king Rama I in front of another temple – Devasathan. During the reign of Rama II “swing-like” ceremony was discontinued because the structure was damaged by lightning. In 1920, reconstructed them, and to release a place for the gas plant was moved to its present location. The last time the ceremony was performed in 1935, after which it finally was canceled due to frequent accidents.

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The last reconstruction was held in 1959, since after 45 years of exposure to atmospheric conditions on the elements of the wooden frame they were badly damaged. Major reconstruction began in April 2005. Was used six sticks of teak. Two of them, with a diameter of 3.5 and a height of over 30 meters, is used as the main pillars. Continue reading

Rope Park on the trees
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PortAventura Park in Spain
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The most extreme attractions
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