Park by dream

What a dream to walk in any Park, in a greater degree depends on the emotion that you experienced. If in the dream was upset, disappointed, in reality, some events will force to be fidgety fairly. Dream portends trouble, all sorts of difficulties. Remember the entire plot to the last detail? Great! This will help to predict the future with the greatest accuracy.

A water Park

To be in a dream in the Park – a very good sign. The coming months preparing a lot of happy, truly happy moments. If you dream that you in addition in the Park there are a lot of children, then life will take a positive vector, and all that will happen in the near future, will definitely delight.

To see having fun in the Park, you descend a steep hill to overcome difficult situations. The interpretation warns that the degree of steepness of the slides reflects the seriousness of the problems.

If you dream you clearly feel that you do not wish to be in the water Park, be prepared to part with a friend. Dream interpretation Miller predicts long separation. Most likely, it will be triggered by the moving of a friend in another city or small town.

To visit the amusement Park

A modern dream book I am convinced that dreaming amusement Park, a symbol of unsuccessful struggle. To gain credibility in reality will be extremely difficult. It will take a lot of work. The only way it will be possible, raspolojit people.

If you dream that the amusement Park was incredibly beautiful and interesting, you run the risk of the wrong person. Dream interpretation Grishina warns that disappointment is likely to be triggered by numerous promises, praise, flattery.

Dreamed that fell in the Park with one of the rides? Get ready to change your life, and quite dramatically. No need to fear these changes. They only have a positive impact on life. Especially if you dream you are not injured in the process of his fall in the Park.

Find yourself at the zoo

To see in dream zoo, means in reality to go on a very interesting journey. If you dream that you are in the Park stroll with the kids, wealth to significantly improve.

Walking around the zoo and see a terrarium – health problems. Dream interpretation Wanderer advises is much better to listen to the body, to notice all its changes, disruption. If you dream that inside this Park was the aquarium, you get to meet interesting people who will have a definite impact on the course of life. Dream book advises to devote sufficient time to fellowship together.

All kinds of predictions

Walking in the dream with his offspring at Lunapark – quality and long-lasting rest. Ride at Luna Park on a steep roller coaster, so in reality to experience a passionate and memorable love affair.

To dream of an abandoned amusement Park – to grief, disappointment, all sorts of troubles. Had a Park with the broken swings? Dream predicts that the future carries with it unpleasant surprises.

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