Park “dream Island”

Nagatinskaya floodplain also will be building a concert hall, a hotel complex and a children’s yachting school. A significant part of the territory will be a public city Park. The coastal zone of the Moscow river will become a pedestrian promenade

All this and more was discussed today during the presentation of the project with the participation of the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin and Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky.

As noted by the mayor, begins to come true the dream of Muscovites about creating a great theme Park world level. “We worked a lot on this project. Selected various investors, invited foreign investors, but, unfortunately, one after another, these projects were no longer required and have not been implemented. Today we are embarking in the Nagatinskaya floodplain of a large project. I hope it will be implemented in the coming years”, — said Sobyanin, adding that the abandoned area will become a flourishing garden.

“It is good that involved a huge investment, but what’s great is that you create an object that will delight children and their parents. There will be children’s smiles and laughter, is the most important”, — said Sobyanin.

The construction of the Dreamworks theme parks in Russia will be engaged GK “Regions”. The company has signed with DreamWorks Animation SKG agreement on the establishment of parks in Moscow, St.-Peterburge Yekaterinburg.

The Central core of the project is the construction of the world’s largest indoor children’s amusement Park “dream Island” with an area of 243 thousand sq. m. regardless of the weather guests will be able to immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of popular domestic and foreign cartoons, go on modern rides, to relax, play sports or sit in a cafe. The Park will be implemented and children’s educational projects dedicated to naval and Russian history.

In addition to the “dream Island” in Nagatinskaya floodplain, the planned construction of the concert hall on 5 thousand places, a multiplex cinema (hall 24 + IMAX), a hotel complex on 410 rooms and yacht club and a children’s yachting school.

As stressed during the presentation of the project by the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, it is very important that more than half of the thematic areas of the future Park in Moscow given to the heroes of world of cartoons and fairy tales. “I love you, Mr Sobyanin, that this is the right animated characters. Here’s to us here Batman is not needed. Cheburashka, Gena the Crocodile, a wolf and a Hare — and then the children will this Park be loved”, — said V. Medinsky.

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