Park Euro Disneyland

Park Euro Disneyland – a complex of amusement parks company “Walt Disney”, located 32 kilometers from Paris, opened in 1992. Euro Disneyland is the second disney world theme Park, open outside of America.

Currently, Disneyland is visited by 40 thousand people per day. Near the Park are hotels of the Disneyland resort and area shops, bars, restaurants, American-style.

At Disneyland five main areas, grouped around the Sleeping beauty castle, the symbol of Disneyland: 1) main street main street, main station; 2) Frontierland with its famous Castle Ghosts; 3) Adventureland – country adventure with the main attraction pirates of the Caribbean; 4) Fantasyland is the most popular in young children; 5) Discoveryland with its famous attraction of “Star journey.”

Main street starts from the entrance to Disneyland Park and consists mainly of small shops and restaurants. The road leads to the castle of Sleeping beauty, where you can then get to the rest of the Park. Street built in the American style of the late XIX – early XX century, with architecture much like the architecture of the city of Marceline (Missouri), where he grew up Walt Disney. Depart from the station a narrow-gauge train with a steam locomotive on a circular track around the Park. You can also visit a hair salon, with the same style.

The main theme is Disneyland Railroad — Main Street Station (railway station with steam trains), Main Street Vehicles (old-timers, carrying visitors), Discovery Arcade and Liberty Arcade (walking passages). In addition, on the Main road suit Disney Parade (official disney parade), FANTILLUSION! (night of the light parade) and Wishes (a shorter version of the most expensive and most famous fireworks in the world, over Sleeping beauty’s castle).

In the Country of discovery visitors have the opportunity to see the fictitious future of Jules Verne. Since the Park’s opening in 1992 this part of Disneyland was deliberately created in the style of the future from the point of view of science fiction of the nineteenth century. In the center of the Country of discovery is located a roller coaster Space Mountain, which to his decade (in 2005) was updated and slightly modified. Now the ride is called Space Mountain: Mission 2. Also in 2005, in front of the attraction there is the show The Legend of the Lion King (a Legend King-lion), which is a 30-minute musical.

Other attractions in the Country of discovery: Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast (interactive Dark Ride), Star Tours (flight simulator), Orbitron (carousel with missiles) and Autopia (kart track with petrol vehicles).

The most popular attractions of the Country adventure: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril (Indiana Jones and the Temple of danger), Adventure Isle (Island adventure), the house on the branches of a tree Swiss Family Robinson and Pirates of the Caribbean. The last attraction has prompted a mass media company Walt Disney Studios to create the famous trilogy “pirates of the Caribbean”; some scenes were borrowed from the attraction. After the release of the film the attraction was updated and supplemented by some scenery from the movie.

With the help of the attraction of roller coasters, Big Thunder Mountain and the Phantom Manor Ghost the Border country was given the spirit of the Wild West. You can go on two steamers in Western style, meet cowboys and Indians, shooting in the Rustler Roundup Shootin’ Gallery or visit the little zoo.

Fantasy land is aimed primarily at younger visitors. Rides represent adapted the plots of popular tales. The most famous Sleeping beauty castle in the center of the Park. Under the castle is the cave of the dragon La Taniere du Dragon.

Attraction “Snow white and the seven dwarfs” tells the story of Snow white, and contains elements of “the road of horrors.” Peter Pan’s Flight (flight of Peter pan) is a funicular, which you can fly over the rooftops of London in the direction Retinabuy. There is also a maze of Alice Alice’s Curious Labyrinth. The journey of Pinocchio tells of a boy, the liar, and while riding on the boat you can see a performance of Le Pays de Contes de Fées, written on motives of fairy tales of Snow white, Peter and the wolf and the Aladdin.

To mark the 15th anniversary of Disneyland in 2007-2008, Walt Disney Studio Park got four new attraction. In June 2007 opened Crush”s Coaster Spinning Coaster based on “finding Nemo” and shaped like a tea Cup ride to the animated film “Cars” by Pixar.

Disney Village is the size of 20 football fields is positioned as a real “city” that is open even after the closure of other parts of Disneyland. In Disney Village there are numerous shops, restaurants, a discotheque and a cinema complex. At a location nearby is a bowling centre and a private indoor car Park. Three disney-branded stores are offered almost all of the Souvenirs that can be purchased at the Disneyland.

Located a short drive from Disneyland Golf Disneyland is a Golf course with 27 holes. The route is designed both for beginners and more professional players.

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