Park near Moscow from Puy du Fou

The competition to build amusement Park in Moscow was won by the famous French company Puy du Fou. French Park Puy du Fou is not just recognized as one of the best in the world, and the company is known for the fact that the work is very attentive to detail, despite the extent to which are usually working professionals. The President of the company said that the new Park will be entirely devoted to Russian history, folklore and culture.

Amusement Park in Moscow will construct a French company Puy du Fou, which won the tender for the work. The victory of the representatives of the Puy du Fou looks quite natural, as it is their Park in France repeatedly recognized as one of the best in the world.

Artistic Director and President of Park administration, Nicolas de Villiers said about how they plan to build and how to develop themes for the rides in the future the Russian Park.

From his point of view it is quite natural that the Park will be fully and exclusively devoted to Russian history, Russian folklore and Russian culture in General, however, all preparatory work will be carried out in France, notes RFI.

The Park Puy du Fou at the end of 2013, was recognized as the best in the world, beating DisneylandParis, Futuroscope and other competitors. The Park took a year earlier, mainly due to thematic performances dedicated to the Vikings, Musketeers and medieval knights.

In 2008, the crisis class parks of Puy du Fou, which relate to parks secondary options to regional clientele, began to attend better. The fact that the concept of such parks is oriented to visitors of moderate means, unlike many of its competitors.

Despite the fact that parks in the crisis period naturally started falling attendance, the regional Park of Puy du Fou miraculously was able to almost avoid this fate. Only with the beginning of the crisis, there was a slight decline, but in a few years the situation has changed in that time, as the giants type Disneyland Paris attendance continues to fall.

In 2013, the Park was visited by 1.75 million, which was +8% compared to the previous year. Its turnover amounted to 63.8 million euros.

As specialists in the field of amusement Park in France, the main is the constant updating of attractions. Unfortunately, despite the huge money associated with this business, not all giants of the industry are committed to continually develop and renew their fleet.

As already mentioned EUROMAG . the world-famous Disneyland Paris in recent years has become a regular cause of complaints from visitors, cosmogenic outdated equipment and high prices. Of course, there are many alternatives to the most famous European amusement Park, as this market is very actively developed.

Therefore, the decision of the Russian authorities on creation of own Park of European level seems logical and timely, and participation in the construction of the facility professionals of the best amusement Park in the Old world allows us to expect a very good result.

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