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Due to the rich history and the fact that Istanbul has been the capital of three empires with different religions, the city has extraordinary beauty of the cosmopolitan. Each of the empires gave the city its unique architectural masterpieces.

At a time when Istanbul became the new capital of the Roman Empire here was erected the magnificent palaces and temples, built magnificent square, from Rome this brought sculptures and columns. Then it started building and the famous Istanbul’s Hippodrome.

Byzantium gave Istanbul a lot of Orthodox churches, many of whom are now chief among them — the Church of Hagia Sophia . With the capture of Constantinople by the Ottomans it was converted into a mosque, now a Museum. The temple is striking in large spaces, bright mosaics, rich carpets and silk draperies.

During the Ottoman Empire in front of the Hagia Sophia was built the magnificent mosque of Sultanahmet . which later came to be called Blue because of its interior of blue and white patterns. This is the biggest and one of the most beautiful mosques of Istanbul is recognised as one of the greatest masterpieces of world and Islamic architecture.

In the same period appeared in the city and the main Palace of the Ottoman sultans, Topkapi . which raspolozheniem from Hagia Sophia. Its area is more than 700 thousand sq. m. and the length of the surrounding walls of 1400 meters. In our days the Palace houses the main Turkish Museum.

The Ottoman period gave the city and later the Palace of the sultans Dolmabahce . which was built between 1842 and 1853. The Palace was built for Sultan Abdul-Majid I, which weighed heavily on the medieval Topkapi Palace. The Sultan wanted to live in the Palace in the then fashionable Baroque style. It is noteworthy that at the finish of the whole building took about 40 tons of gold (!).

It is worth mentioning two more sultans Palace — the summer residence Beylerbeyi . located on the Asian shore of Istanbul and the Palace and Park complex in Istanbul . served as the main residence of the sultans.

Istanbul has beautiful bridges over the Bosphorus and the Golden horn . The most prominent of them — the first suspension bridge over the Bosphorus, the Bosphorus bridge or the atatürk bridge. Its length is 1560 meters. Directions to the Ataturk bridge toll, and the pedestrian entrance is generally prohibited, in connection with numerous attempts of suicide on this bridge.

In Istanbul there is a Disneyland — Tatile . The Park is situated under a huge glass dome and offers a huge choice of attractions.

Tourists mainly stay on the Western shore of the Bosphorus, on the European side of the city, where the historical, business and cultural centers of Istanbul.

Old town — Sultanahmet

Those who wish to stay closer to the main historical sights of the city, you should choose the Old city Sultanahmet. Here was laid the ancient city of Byzantium, located here and all the main sights — Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Blue mosque.

In Sultanahmet are lots of comfortable hotels, often in historic buildings. In the Old town narrow streets, old buildings, the atmosphere of the East and of antiquity.

Laleli and Aksaray

For those who come to Istanbul for shopping. we recommend you to stay in the districts of Laleli and Aksaray, which is near of Sultanahmet.

In Laleli in the old days the nobles lived, later, the intelligentsia, now street district filled with shopping centers and shops. It offers a variety of products at the lowest prices.

In Aksaray there is a range of shops everywhere across the signs in Russian, and most sellers have learned to speak our language. Hotels located in both districts are democratic, mostly 3 stars.

On the other side of the Golden horn Bay is part of the district Beyolu, Taksim is the business center of Istanbul, with impressive skyscrapers in the most unusual forms, many restaurants and cafes. Here are mainly located hotels 4 — 5 stars with a high level of service.

Bargu has always been the Bohemian quarter, where reigned the spirit of dissent. In our days here is the center of cultural and nightlife of Istanbul. In the most famous hotel Beyolu Pera Palace has welcomed such personalities as Greta Garbo, Kemal Ataturk, Mata Hari, Agatha Christie, Sarah Bernhardt.

To the East of Taksim is located in the Besiktas district, the name translates as “lullaby rock.” Here are mainly coastal hotels 4-5 stars. From here a spectacular panorama of the Bosphorus.

On the Asian shore of the Bosphorus located residential areas of Istanbul: Uskudar and Kadikoy (ancient Chalcedon). Curious tourists will surely love to walk in a real residential Istanbul and the streets, which is not one thousand years…

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