Port Aventura Spain

How to get to Port Aventura in Spain

This article is about how to get to Port Aventura by car, train or plane

Where is Port Aventura?

Port Aventura is located on the coast of Spain, near the town called Salou in Catalonia. The nearest big city – Tarragona (10 km), and the provincial capital, Barcelona, is located 100 km away.

On the plane to Port Aventura Spain

The nearest airport is in Reus. It is a 10-minute drive from Port Aventura. On leaving the airport take the highway AP7.

Girona airport is 2 hours ‘ drive from Port Aventura and Barcelona airport is 1 hour drive away. From both these cities to the Park you can drive on the highway AP7.

The AP7 is a toll highway, so it get ready money. By rough estimates the time travel on AP7 will cost€5,00.

By car: About how to get to Port Aventura from other cities of Spain.

This attraction can be seen for several miles from the Park, it serves as a good guide.

Take the highway AP-7, if you are coming from La Chancery or from the South of Spain. At exit 35 (salida or sortida) you will see a pointer to PortAventura. This leads directly to the Park.

If you come from Barcelona or El Vendrell, then highway C-32 connects the AP-7.

If you are coming from Zaragoza, you will need the route AP2, AP7 and then you will need to go South.

Other major traffic arteries is worth mentioning the highway N-240 (Tarragona-Lleida), T-11 (Tarragona-Teruel) and the N-340 (Barcelona-Valencia), as well as secondary roads that connect the city of Costa Dorada.

In Port Aventura there is a very high attraction, which is visible for many miles from the Park. If you ever get lost, look at the horizon you can see it somewhere in this attraction.

If your starting point Reus, in local tourist help, you can take a map identifying the location of the Park Port Aventura. The easiest way to get to the Park on the highway AP7 towards Valencia, leave the motorway you need the pointer to Port Aventura. Driving on the highway will have only 10 minutes, but to find the exit to the highway is much easier than driving on minor roads.

By train: how to get to Port Aventura by train

The Park PortAventura has its own station where you can catch regular trains that go from all major stations, including Barcelona.

Port Aventura is a well – known amusement Park on the coast of Spain in Catalonia. You can reach it by car is easiest on the highway AP7. Or you can drive directly to the Park by train. Within 3 hours drive from the Park there are 3 airports, so tourists can easily reach the Park.

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