PortAventura Park in Spain

Port Aventura is famous not only at home but throughout the world. Every year it is visited by about 800 thousand people. Here you will find the taste entertainment representatives from all age groups, starting with kindergarten, ending with the grandparents. Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, PortAventura Park in Spain pleases its guests with warm weather most of the year, so visiting an amusement Park can be combined with swimming and relaxing on the beach.

The organizers made the most of the water rides, making PortAventura is similar to a water Park. In this amusement Park you can ride the “roller coaster”, there are more than 5 pieces, and other similar attractions for the brave and reckless visitors. The “adrenaline” rides are “Dragon Lee” in “China,” and recently opened “Shambala” on the territory “of the Mediterranean.

Attraction in Port Aventura

Children for whom actually built the Park, will not remain indifferent to the many boats, carousels, antique trains and many other attractions. For all guests can watch live shows and concerts, which are held in open areas, colorful excursions to the beautiful blooming garden, what actually is the whole territory of the Park. Those who want to freshen up throughout the Park scattered pavilonis soft drinks, light snack and sweets, music kiosks.

In PortAventura Park guests are given a rare opportunity to make an unforgettable journey to all continents, and it can be done in just a day. In the square Park of 118 hectares of the architecture, culture, and even flora of China Asian, European, Mediterranean, Australian, Polynesia, North and South America. These countries are represented completely independently, including the national menu in cafes and restaurants, and clothing of personnel.

One of the most exciting spectacle is the “Fiestaventura”, which is carried out on the water in the evening on the territory of the Mediterranean. Massive and colorful fireworks display, which is simply impossible to ignore. For the little ones, PortAventura has a puppet theater, an equally spectacular Russian, Spanish, and Japanese kids. For those interested in underwater marine life, to visit the attraction, in which cinema – it’s a submarine, and the window – screen. The effect of full presence is assured.

In the summer, the Park Port Aventura in Spain is the abode of performances, festivals and a Siesta. These days the programme of Park events is so intense that it seems that life here does not fade and does not stop even at night.

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