Roller coaster

Manor Catherine in Oranienbaum was the name of their Own country and also Palace and official buildings also included a vast Park. Here was green and the water maze, eighteen wooden Chinese houses with miniature gardens, Round the temple, Greenhouse, Carousel, and other venture. But survived, and only one Park pavilion sliding hill.

Oranienbaumskaya sliding hill was a small Palace, with luxurious rooms, the Lobby, the Round room, Porcelain and Hunting rooms. But the main “highlight” was, of course, not the case. Just look at the drawing sliding hill 1775 — and you can easily recognize this idea. Yes, Yes, these are the “American mountains”, which in America is called “Russian”. Similar slides were purely Russian entertainment and almost mandatory membership in the rich Russian estates. The Baroness de Stael, who saw such a hill in the country Naryshkin says that guests are “staged something like winter driving on sledge, the speed of which are so amusing Russian: boating with high wooden mountains with lightning speed. This game was admired by both women and men, and delivered. a feeling of war, of extraordinary speed because of the danger”.

Slide chutes were added to the southern ledge of the pavilion, and consisted of four slides, which went down a stroller in the form of nacelles, chariots and saddled beasts. Navera dragged on the side lines with special blocks.

The altitude of the Oranienbaum sliding hill pavilion thirty-three meters — the height of modern twelve-story building. Of course, the mountain itself was located somewhat lower, at a height of “only” twenty meters, and yet in order to roll off a needed remarkable courage. Anyway, Catherine, according to legend, did not dare to do it. However, it is said that her Ghost still appears at night on the balcony sliding hill and, perhaps, listening to the sounds of the violin coming from the side of Petershtadt.

Their impressions of Oranienbaum Catherine the times reflected in the memoirs and the already mentioned Francisco de Miranda. Furnished Grand Palace was not impressed, the Palace of Peter he writes: “the tiny house, and everything in it breathes childish”, but the Chinese Palace seemed very elegant and built with great taste. Then he heads to the skiing hill:

“There descended to the hill, where a special ride on a sled; the whole structure is striking splendor. On both sides of the slope for about a mile stretch of the colonnade, forming two long terraces, which can accommodate more than 15 thousand spectators; they are crowned in the middle a splendid pavilion. I was very sorry that I was not able to witness such an unusual entertainment”.

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