Rope Park on the trees

So, today you should talk about the so-called rope Park.

What is it?

First-this is a great option to use the forest for recreational infrastructure, because the attitude to nature, frugality, and love – is the key moment in the construction of similar parks. Secondly – it’s really just a great way to spend time with their friends or family.

Now a bit of history that would enter in.

The rope Park is building, and the first ropes courses were built exclusively on natural elevations, because the tree trunks – ideal support with high resistance for different variants of construction.

Parks of this format is to blow a adventurous spirit and it is in a Park on a tree different tasks have the most aesthetic and suitable. Trees are great for building almost any kind of designs and, depending on the forest and the development of imagination, you can build a rope Park not only different size but different formats or types, and there may be a lot different.

The particular key work of the rope Park (or whatever they are called – high-rise/air city) is a fascinating and interesting job, where the Park respectively, and to build. After thinking through and designing the next job we will test the prototypes on our own parks that would methodologies within jobs (how much they will be interesting for you) and in order to be certified that our Park is perfect for such a scenario.

The insurance system is a separate conversation. Our system has always been carefully checked and error in this work is for us unacceptable. All the links in the safety chain is only certified work items, no matter whether it is a safety carabiners or rigging elements. Equipment for the air of the cities is very different, of different type and for different situations. We personally use only those equipment that have passed certain certification have been developed by leading manufacturers from America and Europe, and every part meets safety standards and the necessary quality certificates.

But do not count it dangerous. We have made sure that you get pleasure from our services and not have to worry about that most often causes problems. Your enjoyment and safety is our job. We offer you a journey into the world of adventure, vivid sensations for the whole family in our rope Park. You will find high-quality services and a sea of unique sensations.

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