Student day and snow Festival in Yekaterinburg

Student day and snow Festival in Yekaterinburg: a unique amusement parks for children and adults in January will present a new program

In the SEC “Greenwich” citizens will see entertainment for all ages.

Shake hands with Iron Man, playing in the snow in the room and go to a concert Ivan Dorn – how can it be connected? With “Heroes Park” and “Fantasised” everything is possible! Only in January a series of unique events, don’t miss. Amusement parks present a new program.

Collection of superheroes will impress connoisseurs of all ages, cat Woman, Spiderman, Iron man and many other life-size, and each character corresponds to a special area with the latest amusement and gaming machines! “Heroes Park” is a terrific adventure Park at the height of 3 and 6 meters, a climbing wall, laser cube, acrobatic trampoline and exclusive for the region of the slide Slider. And the little heroes expect of a 5-storey children’s maze area, yew-kids.

25 Jan “Heroes Park” opens its doors to celebrate Student’s Day! 20% discount in “Heroes Park” and “House of horrors” on a student! Party, surprises and gifts, as well as the main prize – tickets to the concert Ivan Dorn!

Slide The Slider. The lower track verevochki. The exposition of superheroes.

We will teach to play musical instruments, to dance and to be a theater actor. We’ll show you how to cook delicious meals and desserts. We will tell you why the dinosaurs became extinct and why you need the money. Together we will set up a tent, build a house and brush your teeth the Giant!

“Fantasised” – a unique theme Kingdom of the occupations, in which boils every day amazing life. Every day, residents are engaged in useful things, because to learn you need more than 30 professions. And work relies on a real salary! On weekends in the Kingdom are city holidays for young people and their parents.

Laboratory Of Alchemy. Culinary workshop. Tooth Doctor.

In January you are waiting for the following activities:

• On 16 January, the Tournament of Alchemists – alchemy experiments and experiences for young scientists. • 17 of January is the Day of Children’s inventions – demonstration of the unique inventions of our youngest residents. • On 23 January, the Day of the Navigator of VFM – the course of a young Navigator from the Royal captain! Knit knots mastered the alphabet and hunt sea monsters. • On 24 January, the Festival Red V & a waterfront, a unique show and learning from the best cocktail masters. • 30 January, the international snow Day and winter carnival, competitions, playing in the snow and riding on a fantasy ski. Raffle prizes and gifts! • On 31 January, the Festival of the masters – learning the secret art of masters of the Kingdom, choose “Master Golden hands” among residents.

We are waiting for you in “Heroes Park” and “Fantasised”!

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