The famous theme parks of France

Asterix Park . This theme Park famous in France and around the world because it offers entertainment for everyone from toddlers to their mothers. Come and enjoy its 27 attractions, 6 shows and 7 adventure areas, every visit will leave you with unforgettable memories. Asterix Park offers visitors a memorable day out with the family. You will feel like you have returned to many years ago and are in a completely different world with unique attractions and roundabouts.

Futuroscope . This is one of the most famous theme parks in the world and unique in its kind in Europe, with its futuristic buildings, film screenings on giant screens, entertainment, high technology, with its cleanliness and tidiness. This Park is designed for children of all ages. Here, not only can play, Futuroscope is also a huge exhibition of large buildings whose designs are based on science and technology of the future.

Disneyland Paris . Disneyland Paris is often called the Evrodisneylend, which ranks fourth among the Disney theme parks, and now has become the most visited tourist attraction of Paris. Of course,in France go to visit museums and galleries, but if you are traveling with children, then this pastime is for them a routine and Disneyland will become an alternative solution. More attractive makes it that easy to get here from Paris by car or public transport, by metro or via bus tour. Even if you want to stay here for the night, you can book a hotel near the Park or hotels in the Disneyland. Eurodisney includes not one, but two theme parks and seven hotels.

MD . This is the perfect place to spend time with family. The main part of the Park represents a unique opportunity for children to learn about opening the oceans, and for adults to remember those days, to refresh their memory.

Puy-du-Fou . Puy du Fou is a unique theme Park. Here you can watch the show with events from different eras that will make you admire almost 2000 years of French history. Many consider this Park a “show-Park,” because it takes visitors all day and night for centuries, on 40 wooded acres in France.

Park St. Field . The Park St. Field is fun and real emotions, as it combines built the scenery, and 15 acres of green space, a pond, surrounded by trees. The Park is 40 barbecue on 800 places that await you at the picnic. The entrance to this Park gives you unlimited access to 37 attractions and 2 shows.

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