The Finnish amusement Park Tivoli Sariola

The Finnish amusement Park Tivoli Sariola will drive with tours on cities

The circus is coming! The Finnish amusement Park Tivoli Sariola will travel on tour for 15 Finnish cities. An unforgettable sight, take them to the circus!

The circus is coming! The Finnish amusement Park Tivoli Sariola will travel on tour for 15 Finnish cities.

Finnish tour Tivoli Sariola starts April 12. With the updated amusement Park pass for 15 Finnish cities.

Tivoli Sariola – the largest and most famous in Finland the amusement Park and discover its history goes back over 125 years. Aerial acrobats, pirate ship, tower of free fall, a 26-meter high Ferris wheel, children’s theatre, performances for adults and children and a great variety of fun and exciting attractions – all this Tivoli Sariola!

Like it? Wanted? Please note, it may be that on certain dates you will be in one of the Finnish cities.

The tour in Lahti, Finland on 12 April and will end in Salò on September 27.

A full schedule of touring Tivoli Sariola:

Of Turku(Turku, Lemminkäisenkatu street 11) 25.4 – 4.5

Kuopio (Kuopio, St. Kuopionlahdenkatu 12) 9.5 – 25.5

Iisalmi (Iisalmi, St. Luuniemenkatu 3) 28.5 – 1.6

Kajaani (Kajaani, St. Kuntokatu 9) 4.6 – 8.6 Joensuu (Joensuu, Linnunlahdentie street 7) 12.6 – 21.6

Raahe (Raahe, St. Rantakatu 37) 25.6 – 28.6

Touri (Tuuri, St. Onnentie 7) 2.7 – 31.7

Malmi – Helsinki Airshow (Helsinki, Helsinki-Malmin lentoasema) 16.8 – 17.8

Hyvinkää (Hyvinkää) 20.8 – 24.8

Kirkkonummi (Kirkkonummi, St. Vilhonkummuntie 4) 27.8 – 31.8

Lohja (Lohja) 3.9 – 7.9

Tapanila (Tapanila) 10.9 – 14.9

Ekenäs (Tammisaari, Market place) 17.9 – 19.9

Salo (Salo, St. Horninkatu 1) 25.9 – 27.9

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