The first in Russia Park of world religions

The first in Russia Park of world religions, soon in the Moscow region

The Park’s area is 250 hectares, it will be the biggest building in the world of this kind.

About the project

The project is being discussed by the government of the Moscow region. According to the Minister of investments and innovations of Moscow region Denis Butsaev, it is planned that this object is a cultural and educational complex “the Park of national unity and reconciliation” will appear in the North suburbs. Now consider the direction of the Leningrad highway in the direction of Solnechnogorsk and Dmitrov district, he said ITAR-TASS.

It is planned that the total area of the Park is 250 hectares. Butsaev explained that the project is still in the initial stage, the construction location and the size of the investment are determined.

The idea of creating a theme Park belongs to the Interreligious Council of Russia and Russian IT-company Crystal Protection. The architectural concept will be implemented by the Israeli architectural Bureau Dmazo. The authors of the project claim that it will be the biggest building in the world of this kind.

The basic principles of the Park, the authors of the project called “harmony, creation, mutual respect of religions, spiritual revival of Russia”. In addition to religious education staircased to demonstrate Russia’s contribution to the development of humanity and high technology from space exploration to Microbiology.

10 years for implementation

According to the project in the middle of the Park will be located in the multifunction centre “the Peoples House”, which is a flattened ball with a glass tower. According to the architects, the building will symbolize the grain. From grain will “grow” the tower “the tree of life” — a symbol of new life and upward.

Worship of the Orthodox Church, a Jewish synagogue, a Muslim mosque and a Buddhist temple is proposed to be located around the building along the “Alley of peace”. The authors of the project say that the churches are likely to be partially valid. Between them will run excursion trains. The complex also will have a large landscape structure and “the Fountain of peace and kindness”.

It is planned that the Park will be divided into educational, cultural, recreational and commercial unit. Education will include religious sites (Christian, Judaic, Islamic, Buddhist), Congress hall, Museum of the history of religions library, “the House of the peoples of Russia”, Museum of the great Victory (dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the victory in the great Patriotic war), the “Space”, “the Labyrinth of knowledge” 3D systems “flora” and “Fauna”, “Futurotic” (exhibition), media Expocentre, 3D planetarium.

Children Playground, Playground, cinema, theatre and concert hall will be located in the recreational block. In the commercial unit will be built hotel complex, a chain of restaurants and cafes, as well as book and souvenir boutiques.

World counterparts

Religious theme parks have long created around the world. Special popularity they have in the United States. Most visited — The Holy Land Experience is located in Florida and owned by a California Corporation, Trinity Broadcasting Network, which owns a network of cable TV channels. The Park opened in 2001, investment in construction amounted to $15 million.

One of the main attractions at The Holy Land Experience is a building with a collection of old Bibles and artifacts — the largest collection after the Vatican. Among the main elements is also a scale model of Jerusalem, an exhibition of Dead sea scrolls, a copy of the Holy Sepulchre, “Theater of life” — cinema with a selection of family movies from TBN, dancing fountains, and much more.

On the territory of South America’s most famous Park of religion is located in Buenos Aires. The oldest of the Christian theme parks called Tierra Santa (Holy Land) is an exact miniature replica of Jerusalem. The size of the investment Park was not disclosed.

In the Old world the first and largest complex is located in Spain on Mallorca. Park Holy Land with a total area of 7 hectares was designed by the company Sigma on the model of the American counterpart. The volume of investments in the project amounted to $10 million.

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