The Liseberg amusement Park

Landmark of Gothenburg, which is a must visit every tourist, caught up in this wonderful city in Sweden is the Liseberg amusement Park and the Museum of World culture. Travelling with children will not soon forget the enthusiasm and will appreciate this terrific tale – a Paradise for kids. However, not only children will love this amazing place for adults there is no less reason for enthusiasm. Because this Park annually accommodates more than 3 million tourists – its popularity cannot be overstated. All sorts of attractions for every taste, from gentle hills to extreme entertainment for visitors that love to tickle your nerves.

From the history of the Park

The cause of this attraction Sweden was the 300th anniversary of göteborg. To the celebration of celebrations in 1923 was founded the construction of Liseberg. Since then, the Park has been updated several times.

It owes its name to the wife of one rich man, whose property was formerly the territory of the present Park. A woman named Lisa, and she was seriously ill. Husband created for her a beautiful Park, and after the death of Lisa gave it to the city.

In 2000, the Liseberg began the celebration of Christmas. Every year since then, buildings and trees in the Park decorated with twinkling Christmas lights, an ice rink and organized a large rojdestvenskaya. In recent years, the celebration of Christmas in Liseberg acquired an international value – a string of tourists from around the world each year flock here to personally enjoy a Scandinavian Christmas tale. Visited the amusement Park Liseberg in this magical time of the year do not remain indifferent.

So what is it?

The Park presents a variety of entertainment and programs for all ages. Only on the territory of Liseberg operates more than 30 attractions for every taste. One of the most popular “Gun” not suitable for those who loves thrills. Time attraction is just one minute, but the number of coups and sudden drops, manages to occur in a short 60 seconds, it is difficult to calculate. The most popular attraction called “Baldur” is a wooden roller coaster.

In addition to rides, the Park hosts a variety show, working the dance floor. Hungry here too hard to stay – on site many restaurants and cafes.

For art lovers in the Park arranged a wonderful sculpture located beautiful gardens

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