The most extreme attractions

The most extreme attractions in St. Petersburg: the amusement Park “Divo-Ostrov”

Friends, how do you feel about extreme rides? I now do not feed bread, only let me ride that taller, faster and scarier. At Oktober-fest in Munich to drink all the beer went, and we are the local attractions to try out. And of course, every time we come to St. Petersburg, the first thing we do is we go to ride the rides in the Park “Divo-Ostrov”, which was discovered three years ago.

How to get to the Miracle Islands and prices for rides

There is a Park literally across the road from the metro station “Krestovskiy Ostrov” (purple line), so get very simple. Here is a diagram of the Park with extreme rides location:

There is a nice bonus, for example, on Wednesdays discount for students 30%, and the children can hour to ride for free at all as newlyweds. You may come in handy. Also they sell bracelets ski pass-unlimited skiing, but the most interesting attractions, such as a Booster and Catapult, are excluded. We took the regular tickets and excellent ride, another year to wait until the next arrival. That’s the price of extreme rides for the summer of 2014 (a year ago were the same):

Where is the best ride in the Park Divo Ostrov?

Of course, you outpocketings on all the rides that are there, but after the fifth — just tired. So I advise you to start around the Park, see them with your own eyes and choose a few that you will try. This time we went here:


Free fall;

Great Russian hill;

The fifth element;

Winged swing.

With swings you can start to “warm up” they are 25 metres high and are rejected at 110 degrees. Booster I love the most is 50 meters tall, and while still rotating. Interesting sensations, when from such a height down flying. Also fun to hang at the top on this fine and slightly wobbly axis and to wait, when will drop passengers from the opposite side. Free fall is the best attraction of this type of all seen, we have that in Europe — if there you once lifted with dropped here a few times shook. 56 meters high, falling at a speed of 65 km/h. A large Russian hill and the Fifth element — also worth it.

Also interesting for “pokatushek” extreme rides:

Catapult . I think the “dumb” of the rides in Marvel island, I ride it does not dare (shoots up to 74 meters). On Hopple and Flying saucer not rolling. Seventh heaven — the usual chained carousel, but at the height of 78 meters — not terrible, but there’s a great overview of the entire Park from above. Rocket — even you twist at a height of almost 60 meters, but not impressed at all, I do not advise. There is still a Storm and Shaker . but they do not attract, and the afterburner does not work, as in the past our two favourites here.

What else to do in the Park?

For starters — look at all the figures and sculptures — anything to do with boring Soviet creative they are not.

The figures in the Divo island

Here you will find the Batmobile in full size:

Chic fire Department:

A three-headed red dragon:

Mysterious machine, but still somehow in the nest:

Other interesting figures:

Landscaping in the Park:

Divo island is a very well maintained Park with topiaries shrubs, pond, lawns in General, pleasant to the eye. You can walk, rest and with new forces to continue to ride.

Take a walk in the Park…

When you overtake everything in the amusement Park “Divo-Ostrov” and you can ride all the rides, what I wanted, but you still have time to go home and do not want to go through the usual Park, at the beginning Deboostrap is. We walked to the end, and then found out that there is a dead end and to the nearest metro need to go back.

Met on the road a stone lantern donated by the Japanese city of Osaka, in honor of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, cute graffiti on the transformer box and so far preserved the Soviet sculpture. Have you ever been in Wonder-island?

Finally — the video from the my favorite attraction at the Divo Island “Booster”

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