The most extreme attractions in the world

Every year amusement parks have new rides, and some of them even becoming a kind of terrified.

In the famous Las Vegas, USA, is a skyscraper called the stratosphere with a altitude of 350 m. On the roof are 3 of the attraction is the tower Big Shot . carousel Insanity, and X Scream trailer . By themselves, these rides don’t look terrible. The highlight is that they are at a great height and skiing is over the abyss beyond the edge of the roof. The carousel rotates, developing overload. Tower allows you to experience the illusion of free fall. Trailer X Scream accelerates and hangs beyond the edge of the roof is particularly extreme.

Here in the US, Paramount, state, Agio is the tallest tower “free fall” . First, attendees raised to a height of 26 floors, and then the platform coming down from a speed of 100 km/h.

Many are already familiar with the attraction catapult . One of the highest instances is located in Saint Petersburg, on “Divo Island” . Design height of 54 meters, it is three columns, which are attached to steel cables. Capsules with visitors “shoot” to great heights, while hanging out and turning around.

The famous roller coaster, which is in almost every big amusement Park, like competing in extreme sports.

Kingda Ka in new Jersey, USA . has a height of 139m, and the trolley with a speed of 205 km/h literally 3.5 seconds.

In England, in the town of Chertsey are the most twisted roller coaster . Their length 850 m, height 30 m, and the time of arrival, visitors have time to flip upside down as much as 10 times.

White Cyclone in Japan . striking in its height of approximately 14 storeys, with a length of 1.7 km and surrealist design. Once you see this building to understand – before you the opportunity to visit other dimensions.

Australia is attraction called “Tower of Terror”. The trolley takes visitors to a height of 115 m, and then rapidly breaks down. The length of the flight just 6.9 seconds. They say that during this time visitors will experience the state of weightlessness.

Japanese coaster Thunder Dolphin is the same likeness of the slides, however, the unusual structure adds to the excitement visitors. At a speed of 130 km/h, at different angles, trolley passing through holes in the building.

Port Aventura in Spain is famous for its rides. Before that, the most terrible there was Furius Baco – at the speed of 135 km/h “suspended” seat visitors first started doing turns, and finally flew directly over the water. Not so long ago, the Park was the slide “Shambala” – the famous one of the longest descents of 78 meters, and a high fall speed – 134 km/h. when riding you can see the coast of Spain with a height of 76 meters, but this is for those who have the spirit to open our eyes.

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