Vacation in Disneyland

To Board the ship, stroll through the America of the early 20th century, to look with Alice in Wonderland, to conquer the plains of the Wild West – five theme parks of the Disneyland resort will help you to get into a real adventure.

Main street, USA – a small town in the style of the 1900s, in which Walt Disney, as a child, I learned that in life there is a place a fairy tale.

“Fantasyland” – here you will fly with Peter pan, rest after the flight over a Cup of tea with the mad Hatter, and after will win the heart of Disneyland – Sleeping beauty’s castle.

“Adventureland” – pirates, treasures, Indiana Jones and Robinson Crusoe, live all your favorite childhood stories in this part of the Park.

“Discoverland” – conquer time and space, conquered the stellar spaces, open entrance into the world of Jules Verne.

“Frontierland” adventure in Western style. Who will win this time, the cowboys or the Indians?!

Tours to Disneyland Paris. a fabulous idea for a family holiday, and children and adults will find fun for everyone. A large selection of restaurants, shops, souvenir shops, cinemas, ideas will not make anyone bored. Prices for tours to Disneyland are pretty loyal, the initial cost of 350 euros per person, so onward to adventure!


To schedule a tour in Disneilendas during the spring or autumn months, the summer in Paris is very hot, and in winter, though not severe cold, rain or wind will spoil all the impression of the Park.

Park Studio Walt Disney – here are the stars of film and television industry. Actors, stuntmen, special effects specialists – you can be anything.

Disney Village – unlike Disneyland life here never stands still, and the air intoxicated with the atmosphere of eternal holiday.

Relax and take a break from the extravaganza will help Disneyland Golf Disneyland is a Golf centre, a route which is suitable for both Amateur and professional.

Things to do at Disneyland?

To visit the Disney parade. This magical event takes place every day, the characters of disney cartoons if descended from the screen to greet their fans a fantastic show.

Admire the panorama of the Park from a height of 100 meters. One of the biggest balloons in the world offers, he is able to raise in the air 30 passengers. Just so all the magic of Disney will be in, at a glance. Only here you will realize that tours to Disneyland Paris is a fairy tale, in all its senses.

To stay in the Disneyland Hotel. The service and staff, really can be called magical, the rooms are decorated in a Victorian version of Disneyland, a wide range of possibilities for relaxing after a busy day – the pool, sauna, gym, a highlight of the hotel – children’s playroom “Minnie Club”. The obvious plus is the location of the hotel near the entrance to the Park.

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