Water Park “Moreon”

Gift! When you purchase two children’s tickets to the water Park — map face value of 500 roubles to the amusement Park New in ORANGE PARK!

In the “Moreon” summer all year round! Make yourself on the Cote d’azur, having been in the wave pool, and feel the genuine heat of the tropics in a hot sauna!

Young campers will be able to try the coolest water slides. Here their whole sea — both for beginners and for avid adventurers. And the little “Moreon” store for the pirate brig!

This SPA resort is situated in the vast Park! Allow yourself the finest relaxation treatments from a visit to the steam room to the original method light and color therapy.

Complete a wonderful family vacation at the water Park, the baths, the SPA-resort “Moreon” an unforgettable adventure in the amusement Park New in ORANGE PARK! It’s more than 50 different rides and amusements such as air hockey, racing simulators and shooting, children’s slot machines. And all this is located on the second floor of a family complex “Moreon”. When you receive bonus points — a huge prittey New ORANGE PARK with gifts for every taste!

“Moreon” is a real resort in the middle of the city!

Are taken the coupon right now and 30 September 2015 inclusive.

Buy online hand the ticket to the water Park with discount up to 60%. You will pay:

Sanitarian (prevention) zone water Park will be held from 14 to 18 September.

Visit zone “water Park” + “Terms” weekday full day: Adults: 1500 is 2400 R. R. Children up to 150 cm: 1200 instead of 1700 R. R.

Visit zone “water Park” + “Terms” on weekends full day: Adult: 1800 instead of 2400 R. R. Children up to 150 cm: 1400 instead of 1700 R. R.

Visit zone “water Park” + “SPA” week full day: Adults: 1600 R. is R. 4120 Children up to 150 cm: 1250 2820 R. R. is

Visit zone “water Park” + “SPA” on weekends full day: Adults: 1990 R. R. 4620 is Children up to 150 cm: 1550 R. R. 3290 is

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